Atlantic Forest Launches MADFLOW: The First Yerba Mate Band Tailored To The US Market Blending Sustainability & Tradition

May 21 19:23 2024
MADFLOW will plant a tree with every unit sold for a unique experience.

Atlantic Forest LLC is pleased to announce the launch of MADFLOW, a distinctive Yerba Mate brand explicitly tailored for the US market. What sets MADFLOW apart is its commitment to sustainability, cultural heritage, and a touch of artistic flair. 

With every unit sold, MADFLOW takes a significant step towards environmental conservation by planting trees in US National forests, contributing to preserving natural habitats. This initiative is made possible through a strategic partnership with the National Forest Foundation, making MADFLOW the first Yerba Mate company to contribute to the reforestation efforts in the United States. The company’s dedication to environmental stewardship aligns with the growing consumer demand for eco-friendly practices and distinguishes MADFLOW from its competitors.  

MADFLOW brings a visual feast to its consumers by collaborating with talented artists to design all packaging. These visually captivating designs reflect the vibrant culture of extreme outdoor sports such as surfing, Brazilian jiu-jitsu, skating, rock climbing, motocross, etc. MADFLOW products, thus, stand out on the shelves with an unmistakable allure. The art infusion into the brand speaks to the company’s dedication to providing a multisensory experience.

Beyond its eco-friendly initiatives, MADFLOW ensures a premium Yerba Mate experience. The product is USDA organic, unsmoked, and dried using a unique air drying process, preserving the natural essence of the leaves. Sourced from small family farms in southern Brazil, MADFLOW’s Yerba Mate encapsulates the authenticity and tradition of the craft, ensuring a genuine connection to its origins.

Founded by two Argentinian brothers, MADFLOW is the culmination of their love and passion for Yerba Mate and their dedication to extreme sports. Inspired during a trip to the US, where the brothers observed the prevalent consumption of coffee and energy drinks, they decided to share their Yerba Mate culture with the American consumer. This cultural exchange is a business venture and a mission to introduce a healthier and culturally rich alternative to mainstream caffeinated beverages.

Juan, one of the founders, expressed their motivation: “Our journey started with a desire to bridge cultures and share the goodness of Yerba Mate. It’s more than a beverage. It’s a lifestyle.”

Looking ahead, MADFLOW has exciting plans to expand its product line. In the pipeline are variations of Yerba Mate in loose-leaf form and tea bags, catering to diverse consumer preferences. MADFLOW has also recently launched a line of original Yerba Mate cups and thermos, providing enthusiasts with a complete Yerba Mate experience.

Users can visit the official website for any media or commercial inquiries.

About Company:

Atlantic Forest LLC is the proud creator of MADFLOW, a Yerba Mate brand founded by two Argentinian brothers passionate about sharing their cultural heritage. Committed to sustainability, artistry, and quality, MADFLOW aims to redefine the Yerba Mate experience in the US market.

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