Creative Biolabs: Advancing Complement Testing and Stem Cell-Related Assays in Drug Screening

June 14 15:28 2024
As a leading global biotechnology company, Creative Biolabs offers complement system tests and iPSC-related assays that have attracted significant attention.

New York, USA – June 14, 2024 – With its advanced technology platform, Creative Biolabs provides a variety of high-quality assays for drug discovery, disease modeling, and other research areas. “Our assay services span multiple fields to meet the diverse experimental needs of researchers. Complement testing and stem cell assays have always been highly regarded in the drug development process,” according to a solutions researcher at Creative Biolabs.

iPSC-Related Assay Solutions

iPSC, with its unlimited proliferative capacity and multi-directional differentiation potential, shows great promise in drug development and disease modeling. “Using established markers to validate the pluripotency of stem cells at the start of experiments is a good way to ensure the pluripotent state in iPSC proliferation and differentiation research.”

Creative Biolabs offers iPSC pluripotency marker detection services using a variety of established markers, such as SSEA-4, TRA-1-60, and NANOG. Leveraging mature flow cytometry and immunofluorescence techniques, Creative Biolabs provides efficient detection of pluripotency markers for the enrichment and isolation of iPSCs.

“Besides, to evaluate pluripotency status, we offer high-precision qPCR analysis for iPSCs to quantify the expression levels of pluripotency markers in stem cell samples.”

Creative Biolabs’ iPSC development platform also includes custom design solutions for scale-up culture, from process development and protocol optimization to assays and evaluation in mass production. To ensure quality and consistency during iPSC scale-up culture, Creative Biolabs integrates iPSC test services to expand iPSCs under strict, controlled conditions, ensuring their pluripotency and viability.

Complement Assay Solutions

The complement system is a crucial part of the human immune system, involved in immune surveillance and pathogen clearance. In drug development, the testing and analysis of the complement system are essential. Creative Biolabs offers various complement test services to provide reliable data support for clients’ research projects.

Complement autoantibody tests

Most of Creative Biolabs’ complement autoantibody tests are based on ELISA, with others assayed by methods such as immunofixation electrophoresis and hemolytic assays. “Recognizing that the presence of anti-factor H autoantibodies may lead to abnormal activation of the complement system, we designed anti-factor H autoantibody tests to help clients evaluate antibody levels and their impact on the complement system,” the researcher stated.

Complement functional assays

Creative Biolabs’ complement assay solutions also involve assessing complement functionality based on the classical, alternative, and lectin complement pathways’ integrity testing. At Creative Biolabs, all three pathways are tested on all samples.

“Creative Biolabs also utilizes next-generation sequencing technology to detect genetic variations in complement proteins,” the researcher added. “In addition to services, we offer various array kits, such as anti-FH autoantibody assay kits and C3 protein assay kits, to facilitate researchers in screening potential drug candidates and evaluating the drug development process.”

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Creative Biolabs provides one-stop solutions for clients in the fields of complement detection and iPSC-related assays. Whether in drug development, disease research, or cell therapy, Creative Biolabs’ assay services offer reliable data support for clients’ experiments.

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