Vision Automobiles Paris: The First 100% French Biomethane V8 is Getting Ready to Make Noise

February 05 05:18 2021

The VISION Automobiles Paris team started from an observation. Today, some of the world’s most emblematic manufacturers subcontract a very large part of their production to small entities, which never come out of anonymity. Concept cars, one-offs or mass-produced vehicles… Few times have these shadowy players been credited.

VISION Automobiles Paris is committed to changing this way of operating.

Where would we be without these talents?  It is high time to realize that a sports car is the culmination of thousands of hours of reflection, exchanges and remarkable know-how on the part of craftsmen, designers and engineers united by this inexplicable passion. Driven by these values of transparency, solidarity and national pride, VISION Automobiles Paris honors the remarkable know-how of the various French trades, which contribute to the magic of the automobile, and does not hesitate to display their names in great style.

More recently, a major partner has become involved in this 100% French project, in order to develop its “heart”. This is the company Pipo Motors, which develops and produces the V8 Biturbo biomethane-powered V8 and which will drive VISION 1789. This association marks a milestone in the development of the French hypercar, which once again brings VISION 1789 closer to the road.

Finally, the industrial partners as well as the professional drivers who support this project are now joined by French financial structures, who have placed their trust in VISION Automobiles Paris and are working on the recently announced first round of financing.


VISION Automobiles Paris is extremely proud to announce that Pipo Moteurs is committed to its side and will develop the engine for VISION 1789: a Biturbo V8 running on biomethane. This engine will develop more than 1,000 hp and will benefit from the many years of experience of Pipo Moteurs in motor racing.

Indeed, Pipo Moteurs has been making history with the quality of its engines since 1973, in various disciplines such as Formula 2, WRC, or rallycross. The French engine manufacturer has collaborated with manufacturers such as Bentley, PSA, Ford, and Hyundai, and has won many emblematic trophies alongside great drivers such as Jacques Laffite or Petter Solberg, to name but a few.

This association is part of Pipo Moteurs’ return to the world of endurance. In parallel with the development of the engine for VISION 1789, the French engine manufacturer is also working on the development of an engine which will compete in the Hypercar category at the 24 Hours of Le Mans in 2021. However, the engine of VISION 1789 will be approved for road use: a racing car engine in a luxurious and technological setting which is 100% road legal, this is the philosophy of VISION Automobiles Paris and Pipo Moteurs in this project.

The decades spent equipping some of the world’s most powerful racing cars have allowed Pipo Moteurs to perfectly master the manufacture of an engine resistant to stress, on all the terrains, circuits and tracks of the planet.

This expertise will be extremely beneficial for VISION Automobiles Paris in its desire to present a vehicle of remarkable quality, faithful to the standards of French luxury, capable of race-worthy performance, but also of great comfort for its occupants.


This historic association comes shortly after the launch of VISION Automobiles Paris’ first fund-raising campaign and is already generating very promising discussions for the French project.

“The production of a radical, 100% French hypercar with such high performance represents an exciting challenge, and we are extremely proud to join this adventure. The production of such an enduring, solid and high performance motorization is in line with our expertise, and the integration of such a promising new technology is further motivating us. Moreover, developing a road-approved engine represents a new string to our bow.

We have been convinced by this desire to restore the French automotive industry to its former glory and by the passion that drives all the team members”.

Frédéric Barozier, General Manager, Pipo Moteurs


VISION Automobiles Paris had two French development drivers in its team until then: Paul-Loup Chatin and Matthieu Vaxivière. Between them, they have between them more than nine participations in the 24 Hours of Le Mans, a podium finish in 2020 at this legendary event, as well as a victory in the European Endurance Championship.

Since 1st January 2021, the team has been completed by the arrival of Inès Taittinger, an endurance driver for more than 10 years, who also took part in the 24 Hours of Le Mans in 2016.


Coming from one of the families of the great names in French champagne production who have contributed to the influence of France, she will also be able to bring her vision of the world of French know-how and luxury to the table, which is the DNA of VISION Automobiles Paris.

Used to the media, due to her professional background and her participation in the 24 Hours of Le Mans, she will become a valuable member of the team as a development driver, but she will also be involved in communication and marketing issues.

Her numerous interventions in the news and sports media, particularly in 2016, make her a well-known figure among journalists.

“Associating French luxury with a passion for cars is a challenge that drives me both personally and professionally. I am delighted to join the VISION Automobiles Paris team and I am looking forward to driving the 1789 car! Fantastic things are to come and I am very confident that I am committed to this project”.

Ines TAITTTINGER, Development Pilot, VISION Automobiles Paris


VISION Automobiles Paris can already count on the support of strong French financial partners who are committed to the company and who have shown their confidence in it.

These strong partners demonstrate the full potential of VISION Automobile Paris and its 100% French hypercar powered by biomethane.

The current negotiations could therefore enable VISION 1789 to take a major step forward and accelerate its development.

Through VISION, its founders did not only seek to create a car. They are creating a brand, a history and an exciting human adventure, highlighting the exceptional know-how of French talent. After several years of research, they have built up a valuable network of partners, with whom they work jointly every day.

These partners see in VISION Automobiles and in 1789 a means and an opportunitý to showcase their most advanced technologies and their immense know-how.

VISION Automobiles Paris will be a showcase for their expertise and incredible capabilities. The young startup is proud to promote the principle of transparency, highlighting these French companies and craftsmen without whom nothing would be possible.

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