Dr. Brenda Stratton Starts New ‘The Revolutionizer Tribe’ at Age 72

June 03 05:51 2021
Dr. Brenda Stratton, a septuagenarian, has become unstoppable in her quest to restart, redefine, and revolutionize people’s lives.

Chesapeake, VA, USA – June 2, 2021 – At the age of 72, Dr. Brenda Stratton, TV Talk Show Host and Producer, has started a new community tribe she calls ‘The Revolutionizer Tribe’. Dr. Stratton says, “It’s more than starting a tribe. It’s a true movement of like-minded people who are ready to fulfill their dreams. ‘Revolutionizers’ are women who are ready to step into their brilliance and destiny by creating a life of purpose, business, and service.” The Revolutionizer Tribe is a pathway to discover and remove the obstacles keeping women stuck in their present situation. Each member of the Tribe will find new hope and the ability to navigate through all kinds of circumstances in their lives.

In 2019 Dr. Stratton found herself trying to climb out of her own sinkhole when she lost half of her income. Being aware of these feelings, she wanted to address these problems and bring solutions to these needs. During the pandemic, Dr. Brenda Stratton found that many of her clients along with others around her were falling into a giant sinkhole of despair, hopelessness, and misery. “People usually work better in a group when they have a common goal to change their lives,” says Dr. Stratton. She felt compelled to create a community she named, ‘The Revolutionizer Tribe.’ This Tribe helps members get out of the ‘holes’ life has you in so you can become ‘whole.’ Each person will find new hope and the ability to navigate through all kinds of circumstances in their lives. “Everyone wants to succeed and create the life and business of their dreams.”

In 2020 Dr. Stratton produced the TV Show “Revolutionize My Life,” where evolution occurs one step at a time. The television show is streaming on Zondra TV Network and distributed on ROKU, AppleTV, and Amazon TV. The TV show “Revolutionize My Life” highlights and reveals pains and triggers that are keeping people from moving on in their life. The Revolutionizer Tribe takes a flashlight approach by shining a spotlight on the specific areas that need transformation to change. It is a deep dive through personal evolution, mindset, and transformation. Dr. Stratton equates it as the process of going from a caterpillar to a butterfly.

Another element that makes The Revolutionizer Tribe even more outstanding as a new movement is that Dr.Brenda Stratton is in her seventies. Dr. Stratton is living proof that it’s never too late to start something new or reinvent yourself. The 72-year-old veteran Missionary woman says, “There’s no place in scripture that mentions retirement.” Her motto is, ” I have to keep on keeping on until I fulfill all my dreams.”

For more information about how to become a Revolutionizer and join the movement, visit: https://revolutionizemylife.com and click on Join My Tribe.

Dr. Brenda Stratton resides in Chesapeake, VA. Learn more about Dr. Brenda Stratton, go to https://drbrendastratton.com and http://revolutionizemylife.com and follow her on her social media sites.

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