HP Projection launches BP5000, a World-First 4K Projection TV, featuring a liquid-cooling system that runs completely silent

June 09 00:37 2021

GAC Technology Group, a world-leading projection designer and an official licensee of HP Inc, launches its flagship product, HP BP5000, a 4K UHD laser projection TV for the premium home AV segment.

This partnership enables co-development of innovative smart projection solutions for the global market, manufactured and sold under the license of HP Inc.

As people spend more time in their homes than ever before, HP BP5000, offers an intuitive, premium and eye-friendly alternative to a traditional TV for big screen as the center of entertainment.

HP BP5000 is a world-first projection TV with liquid-cooling technology for complete silent operation. With other highlights that include, native 4K UHD resolution, ALPD 3.0 laser-phosphor light source, 6000 optical lumen brightness, eye protection smarts, HDR10 decoding, MEMC feature and 25,000+ hours of zero-maintenance lifetime.

Utilizing a space-saving ultra-short throw lens, it is designed to be placed directly in front of a wall or screen, instantly transforming the living room into an immersive, larger-than-life cinema, with a screen of up to 150 inches.


HP BP5000, features a true brightness of 2000 ANSI lumens and 6000 optical lumens. This means the impact of ambient light such sunlight and indoor lighting is significantly reduced. Therefore, users need not draw the curtains during the day, nor switch off overhead lights at night. With native 4K ultra high-definition (3,840 * 2,160) resolution, it is 4 times higher than 1080p.

BP5000 utilizes ALPD®️ 3.0 laser-light technology that renders a perfect balance of color, contrast and brightness in picture. With DCI-P3 ultra-wide color gamut (>90%), it enables movies to be displayed with cinema-grade color rendition.

HDR 10 decoding dynamically enhances details and renders picture with a full color spectrum for extreme realism. MEMC solves the problem of dithering and tailing of fast-moving high frame-rate scenes. This ensures smooth delivery of picture without any shadowing when watching sports and playing games.


A common dilemma that many people face when setting up cinema-grade AV spaces at home is due to a lack of physical space. A majority of projectors on the market use a projection ratio of 1.2:1, which means that the distance from the projector to the surface must be at least 2.5m (8 ft) to achieve a 100” display.

BP5000 utilizes an ultra-short throw lens by Ricoh with a throw ratio of 0.23:1, eliminating the problem of long-distance projection. This enables the projection unit to be placed from only 22 cm (8.6”) away from the surface to obtain the same 100” display.

BP5000 features auto focus and intelligent optical image warping correction that covers 4-point trapezoidal and 8-point 2 axes curve adjustments. This means easy DIY tuning for the perfect display that is unaffected by uneven walls and position changes. 


BP5000 is powered by MSTAR 6A848 Flagship TV chipset, featuring a quad-core 64-bit CPU. Paired with a dedicated proprietary 4K color-image processing unit, XILINX XC7K160T and 3GB RAM, together, delivers smooth lag-free performance and superior power efficiency even playing high-bitrate, graphic intensive content.

The revolutionary liquid-cooling chambers dynamically phases out heat generated from use, ensuring complete silent operation. This also maximizes component lifetime, eliminating traditional over-heating issues. ALPD 3.0 laser-phosphor light source provides a long-lasting lifetime of more than 25,000 hours, maintaining consistent brightness without needing to replace the laser lamp for its entire lifespan.


Utilizing projected image diffusion technology, this means zero blue-light, for complete protection, avoiding eye fatigue due to close-up or long-period viewing. The built-in intelligent eye-protection motion sensor prevents damage from laser light by automatically switching off the laser light source upon detecting those beyond a safe distance to the projector.

HP BP5000 represents the advancement in mainstream display technology, integrating innovations in display brightness, dynamic contrast, ultra-high resolution and longevity in a premium, compelling home-entertainment package for consumers.


For those who want to take advantage of the special pre-sale price and exclusive bundle, there will be a campaign launching on Indiegogo on June 15th 2021. The pre-sale price will be USD 2,999 with a 3-year Limited warranty. HP BP5000 laser projection TV is scheduled to go on sale globally in October 2021 at a MSRP USD 3,999.

Indiegogo pre-sale link:https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/hp-bp5000-4k-ust-liquid-cooling-laser-projector/coming_soon/x/26710729

HP BP5000 (#2U5Z5AA) is manufactured and sold under the license of HP Inc.

Indiegogo pre-sale link:


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Company Name: GAC Technology Group
Contact Person: Rico
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Phone: +886 3 657 1550
Country: Taiwan
Website: www.hpvisual.com

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